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Yesterday, in terms of spring weather, may have been the best day of the year to date. It was not the oppressive hot of the DC summer. It was perfect! Cool enough that you were not hot, warm enough to wear shorts. Cool enough the labs didn’t complain the entire walk! Here, is a link to Yesterday! The technology of Time-lapse weather is growing. Most televisions stations now include a time-lapse view of the weather. I like sharing yesterday’s weather; I’ve been doing that for more than three years now, so far my forecast for Yesterday’s Weather remains at 100%. I have yet to predict what yesterday’s weather brought, yet incorrectly! Weather can be important.

A couple of Tech and interaction updates. First I would like to talk about the Travis Translator. One of the issues most people have is the reality of Google translate being, well portable. However, if you are in another country, you run the risk of using your data. The Travis Touch now includes a global sim, but you can also buy a local SIM and use your translator to live. I know that I am in the minority. I have a Swiss Army knife (iPhone), but there are many times when I want pictures and directions. The reality of what your phone can do is amazing, But I still like having a physical camera at times. Plus, when you are talking on the phone, it is hard to be able to capture a picture, talk on the phone and do anything else if you can even do those two things. Travis is a pretty interesting problem overall.

The last thing for today is a story shared from one co-worker of mine. This person told me that they were exceptionally good at arguing. I asked what that meant. In the forum where I am posting, no one argues with me. I wandered over to see and when talking to that person again later, mentioned to them that there is a difference between people not arguing, and people ignoring your posts. If people don’t respond to you sometimes, you need to ask why. The co-worker wasn’t happy when I told him. I sometimes worry that people don’t always gauge their impact on the world around them. I am probably over sensitive to those types of reality. I ran a forum on Compuserve, AOL, and a listserv for nearly ten years. I had more than 15000 members and worked hard to keep the flame wars off my forums and lists.

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  1. Often use Google’s translator & it’s Russian equivalent to check some places in translations that seem questionable to me. Usually translate from English & some Scandinavian languages to Russian. Sure that Travis is really useful!!!

  2. In my case, translation is something I’ve to rely on almost daily. As a teacher of foreign language, at times I have to translate for students a word in English into Kiswahili and vice versa. Again, in writing I have to rely on a translating device. I have yet to find a device that translated Kiswahili to English perfectly or vice versa.

  3. Of course, I must translate the writing from my language into English. In the 90s, I had a translation business for various languages. One day, a client needed a translation from French to Indonesian and English. At that time, while wait the real translator came, I tried to translate it by intention to help him too, and the result was severe.

    • I agree Carol.

      The thing I noticed when reading my co-workers posts was that at times he was well, a bit much.

      People stopped responding after 2 or 3 interactions.

      I told him to tone down the language, hopefully, he listens!

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