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Tech Trends – on improving connections

The concept of connection is always interesting to me. There is a company (Kinsa) that has a connected thermometer. Basically what happens is you take your temperature in your ear, and then answer a question about what or if you are experiencing nay symptoins. IT then notifies you of any illnesses reported near you. A quick way to tell if you are in the early stages of illness going around. That, the concept, got me thinking about the connection. There are a growing number of devices in the connection space. But, space is still immature. What do I mean by Immature>? Well, the connected device doesn’t throw temper tantrums. They don’t scream, yell, and stomp their feet.

They do, however, allow their protocols to be detected. Bluetooth is a great wireless protocol, but it is leaky. It can be hijacked fairly quickly. It is called Bluejacking. If Bluetooth is on and functioning on your phone, your phone can be attacked. Wifi is a little easier to protect, but people don’t always use integrated security when setting up a WiFi network.  That is the immaturity of the connections today. One of the future states will be the one to one connection. Today there isn’t a lot of value in one to one Bluetooth. But in the future, you will be able to have one connection at a time for your Bluetooth device, and it will notify you on your phone or laptop if that connection is asked to change.

Basically, what would be created is two-factor authentication for Bluetooth devices. Today, Bluetooth connections are called “pairings” and have a unique ID between the two devices. That can be spoofed or bluejacked. In the future, there will be the ability to add a secondary passcode or second verification of the device and the connection. You can do it today, but it isn’t very mature and causes delays. The problem with security is if the security takes twice as long, people start looking for ways around the security. This could be as simple as your iris scan or thumb print. Even as simple as prompting the facial ID function of your cell phone. It reduces the risk of using multiple Bluetooth devices!

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  1. It seems whenever a new technology is invented, some people find ways of hijacking it for their own selfish reasons.
    We will never enjoy technology to its fullest when there are people who are busy finding ways of getting into our phones.

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