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T-Minus 9 days and coutning – Admins please reach out

Nine more days.

I like Carol’s suggestion calling it a line in the sand. But it is more a line in Granite now. September 30th, 2020, is the last day I am posting here. Four years is a long time, I will swing by and check on the site from time to time, but for now, I am moving to other publication sites. That reality saddens me. But I see no other options.

I have several technical reviews that I need to get to; I probably won’t post them here in the near term. I am still reading and commenting on posts every single day. I am and will continue to support this wonderful community.

Someone once asked me maybe two years ago the impact of a comment. At the time, we had over commenters (one person who commented once on 40 or more posts every day). That behavior cost us the ability to get paid for commenting on other people’s posts. The funny thing is, that person swooped in, took the money, and ran to greener pastures. Oh well.

But the value of a comment is three views. You end up with an idea and a comment. You open your post and reply to the word, and the other person opens the center, and either likes ore replies to your comment. The value of a story is not only the initial comment; it is the reply and conversation that results from that. So, sadly I can now tell you the impact of no one being able to comment on posts. Well, I should say no one being able to reply to comments. The number of views is down by 50% or more. The number of authors is declining every day but comments still have value. A comment versus an upvote is a significant difference. In fact, in these days of fewer words, I can start to pull numbers together.

One comment is worth roughly four views today.

Being on the most commented list is also worth about four views. I cannot tell you if that is in addition to, or just because of the comments.

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    Dear Admin team please reach out to one of the authors!

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    are you on Bluefire?

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    are you on Blue fire?

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    Are you on MyLot?

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  1. I do not like the pressure of having too many comments to answer though.

    That’s why I am hating this impasse here. I dread having to catch up with all of the replies to my comments.

    I might just draw a line through those too, and just like, rather than reply, then only begin replying to fresh comments, if we can ever do so again here.

  2. Well Doc I openly endorse your decision. As I have explained before my cataract would not let type for a long time but I still tried to comment on posts as much as I can. BTW what is Blue fire? Of course you are unable to reply but in case something works out on Virily, can you let me know what it is… Good luck on your future endeavors….

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