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Srikaya Once Again ~ Macro Monday

On a visit to my mother’s house yesterday, I have picked three srikaya fruits. The tree bears enough fruit, but only slightly mature or mature enough to pick.

If you have never known this fruit, other names are the sugar-apple, or sweetsop, is the fruit of Annona squamosa, where Mexican name ate, in Bengali ata, Nepalese aati, Sinhalese mati anoda, Burmese awzar thee, Indonesia “ Srikaya”’ and atis in the Philippines. It is also known as sitaphal in India and Shareefa in Pakistan and in the Philippines and in Australia. 

The name is also used in Portuguese as ata. The diameter of the fruit in this picture is about eight centimeters. The bigger and more mature fruit was eaten by my brother-in-law yesterday who loved it so much the night before we visited our house. In these fruits, sometimes some white fruit lice and small ants are about two millimeters in size.

This is my second post about this fruit which I have previously posted with the same title for 365 days Photo Challenge, Srikaya.

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  1. You are blessed with many fruits indoor country. Funny thing happened. I was watching a tv show called Shark Tank after I read about your Jack fruit. They were talking about cooking barbecue with the jack fruit instead of the pork meat. I thought I know that fruit! It was a cool moment.

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