Social Media impact on Authors!

The impact of social media. First of all, I watch my social shares for my posts and the posts of others. In part because of this series and in part because I am inquisitive about which one has the most significant impact.

  1. Views by various social sites (all numbers are over two hours)
  2. Reddit                1-5 new views
  3. Mix                     3 to 5 new views
  4. Facebook            10-30 new views
  5. Twitter               15-39 new views
  6. Tumblr               205 new views
  7. Patron                0 (but Patron uses twitter to share)

So, first off, Mix had a security issue for the past two months, I’ve only been able to share to Mix again for the past week. So the numbers are raw there. One of the things I have noticed is that views are, as I said yesterday, picking up a little. I have also noted that for my posts on Facebook, if my friends start commenting on the job, then the views go way up.

Nobody should feel like they have to share – this is merely recounting what I have discovered based on my observations throughout the last month. There are so many things we can each do that benefits, other authors!

Some authors have shared posts with embedded links to other authors’ works!

Some authors go out of their way to comment on all the posts they open!

I am proud of our community. We can bring back the glory days from a year ago!  

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I receive the most impressions on twitter as well out of all of the social media sites. To me, they are the best social media site because they are one of the few social media sites that actually went to court to prevent governments from accessing their database and the tweets of the users

  2. Pinterest, Linkedin or Flipboard are great social media sites too. I use them. But the views do not depend on the platform depend on the number of followers do you have. Twitter is very powerful but If you have zero followers it does not matter how powerful can it be.

    • i would agree but disagree.

      For sial when someone likes and retweets, or likes and shares, you are now reaching a much wider audience (ie i share, my friend bob retweets, I reach my followers and his followers). that is the power of social media!@

  3. Thank you for the information. I post to Mix especially my Blogger music blog because my music blog was lacking views since G+ ended and now I see at least each time about 20 – 25 views where not posting to Mix I wound up with about 10 if that. I also use FB Twitter and Tumbler

    • are you in any Facebook groups? I find I get a good response from posting in the various writing groups. i do see a huge bump when i post hubpages stuff to Mix, but that is normally after they have been out for a couple of weeks.

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