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Sleeping Time

We can consider ourselves pretty experienced in the matter of sleeping, but let’s be honest- nobody does it better than cats. They could lecture that subject in the University. Cats can sleep literally everywhere. There is neither awkward place, nor position when it comes to napping. And any time is good enough to rest for a minute or two…. hours. Considering cats spend about 66% of their lives in sleeping, these claims are not exaggerated. That stands both for wild and domestic cats. Their habits are pretty much the same, only size differs. And a size doesn’t matter.

  • Do you spend enough time sleeping?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I don’t know, I always feel tired
  • Do noise or light affects your sleeping?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes
  • Do you prefer to sleep in a cold or in a warm room?

    • Warm
    • Cold
    • Lady, I could sleep on a branch
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  1. I know I can’t complete the required hours of sleep every day because of my work which requires me to travel for several hours. When it comes to cats, yes I always see my cat, Pitou sleeping just about anywhere. There are even times when she would come to me and while I am talking some sweet nothings, I could see her slowly falling asleep.

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