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Security, smart speakers and well becoming a smart user!

As someone that looks over the horizon to tomorrow, I often find myself laughing at things I think of. I realize quickly and stop laughing before my coworkers get more nervous about me than, well, they already are. Over the years, I have written down some of my funny ideas. One of those funny ideas a couple of years ago was a two-part series the first part was called “The Pizza Delivery drone” and the second was a follow up where the Pizza Deliver drone well goes a little crazy. Can you imagine what a drone, sitting on your porch, with a pizza in its extended arm demanding payment for a pizza you didn’t order? Confusing Blueberry and Cherry lanes, because robots don’t usually eat fruit?

I think about things like this all the time. Yesterday I talked about the quiet, voice-activated, and motion-activated sections in the restaurant of the future. The leaders in this space, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Google, have less than sparking reputations now (I had a comment on my post yesterday bout the leaks and hacks that have happened to Alexa devices). There have been leaks, there have been hacks. But honestly, if you want a voice-activated speaker, the security risk can be reduced. Only have it on when you are using it. Change your password as often as you can. The reality of the security of voice-activated devices is that yes, they can be hacked, but if I am a hacker, why?

Hackers don’t hack things like that often. There isn’t money to be made there. They are more interested in your laptop or gaining access to your home than they are hacking your smart speaker. However, I will say the following. Fear of what might happen is a great reason not to have that technology in your home. I would apply it to your cell phone, laptop, and any other smart devices you buy. If you are not often changing passwords, I will caution you against having any smart devices that are always on and connected. Remember, the hacker isn’t likely to attack your house. But, someone with a bad sense of humor, might. Fear is a good thing as long as you don’t let it limit what you do.

The most important rule when it comes to smart technology is that smart people use smart technology smartly!

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  2. Wise to remember your warning.
    I would like to ask you a few questions Doc. You are smart on the digital age of digital cameras..

    Now tell me honestly, why are people afraid of 5 g devices? And now a person rang me today telling me that I was harming bird life by using digital cameras.
    Never heard such rubbish but my friend believes she is absolutely right.
    Have you heard of people like this?

    • People fear what they do not understand. There is nothing emitted (or passed into the atmosphere) by a digital camera. I have sadly heard this one frequently.

      My new favorite is solar panels have bad chemicals in them (they do), but they are on a roof for 20 years. Over the course of that 20 years, a car produces 200 times the pollution that the panel has!

      5g is new technology, it is sitting in the lower ranges of broadcast (sometimes around the Microwaves) but the differences are vast. My comment would be really long, suffice to say, it is bunk. 5g makes no greater impact than the digital cameras!

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