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Recap of influence posts and phase 1 how do I influence the influencers?

I started searching out influencers on Niume. The platform and capabilities were very similar there to Virily. Virily does let you upload galleries of pictures as well as polls and quizzes at a much higher level than Niume did. The thing that kept me on Niume was not the payments; those were nice but not the driver, rather for me it was the community. That is why I started looking for influencers. I started off chasing the people at the top of the user list. While in some cases that was exactly what my posts needed regarding an influence I quickly learned that it is more about getting the right people interested in your posts overall than it is getting all the top influencers reading.

That said, I haven’t taken the 7 and figured out where they have the biggest impact. In part, because I just don’t have the data, and I don’t always check all the categories of posts on Virily. I won’t even hazard a guess as to the overall influence map. The lists of influencers and some of what I think the responsibility of influencers to be are shared below:


I want to personally thank every single person on this, as well as my influencers (Harping by a Pixie, Carol Taylor) and the queen of positive comments Jenna. Frankly, a couple of people have asked in the comments why I would do this. I’ve tried to explain the way of seeking influencers. The reality is the connection to people.

That said, there are some value propositions and ways you can “slipstream” with the influencers. Engaging the various challengers always gets Kim reading your posts and will bring Albert commenting! Posting interesting topics will get Alex and Ali connecting with you. Anything with flowers will get Carolina to comment she loves flowers. Finally, Ghostwriter engages with people in many different areas.

  1. Just post that you have to do. Read other people’s posts and comment!
  2. It is ok to disagree, it is ok to argue, and it is ok to downvote. If someone doesn’t like something you wrote and downvotes that post, don’t retaliate.
  3. Remember the human, always!

Virily isn’t a perfect platform. It has issues. The lack of Dashboard updates has been disconcerting. But the ever-growing community remains a fantastic reason to share! Thank you again to all the influencers and all the writers here on Vrily!

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. I met many wonderful people here. Getting to know other countries, traditions … I thank all my friends for their support. Some friends visit my site regularly, others do not. I am not angry about this, and I return each visit.

  2. You are one of some friends who commented on my first post here besides Carol, Doc. Some others are friends of Niume and Tsu (as you and Carol too). I also asked about the same thing in a post here entitled “Respect & Appreciation From Us To Us”.

    I think there are very many friends here who have and always supported me, both those who are still active or less active. Special thanks for those who have inactive like Yucca Rose, Peter Heckmann, woodywood143, Gina23, Cassy Janine, Ac Khoo, Beada Beada, Howard Faxon, Della, HarpingByAPixie, Zaklina Maca Miljkovic, and several other friends.

    For all active friends, I love you all and thank you for your support and influence.

  3. There are many awesome people here indeed, and that’s what keeps me on the site. It’s great to read about the experiences of people who live on the other side of the world and make friends with people whom otherwise you wouldn’t be able to meet.

  4. Thanks, again, for the mention. Carol Taylor and I were just bantering about it (you, her and Della were my best token from Niume) and both of us are wondering how two feisty creatures ever made it to the list 😂😛. Lol!

    Kidding aside, stay as you are Doc. Your loyalty to friends and communities (be it Niume or Virily or BIB) is what keeps me reading even your very technical posts which transport me to twilight zone and turns my brain into spaghetti (oh, coz some of it I have no idea exists until I read your article 😜). May God bless you always in thousand ways. Light and love from the pesky pixie 🧚‍♀️

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