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Put your cell phone in box and save your time

The habit of any item is easy, but if you want to leave this habit, it starts is hard, and solution to this problem is finalized and prepared a temptation box.

If you want to leave this habit then use this box. In fact, this box was available to stay away from the favorite food items,  but people have started using it to get rid from mobile use.

There is a timer set on the box and with the help of which items placed in it can be closed for a particular period and This box can not be opened before the time set on the timer.

Recently, a user on twitter has released his mobile photos, She said , she can take care of her tasks by removing the mobile away from themselves for some time.

  • Do you want this box too ?

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  • Do you think ypu are addict to your smartphone ?

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  • Does your smart phone prevent you from daily routine tasks ?

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    • No

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  1. You have brought a huge problem to light thank you!

    I actually banned the use of phones at dinner in our house. But putting the phone down takes discipline as you point out!

    The box idea is a good one if your job doesn’t depend on the phone.

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