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Post one, how can I have a bigger impact on Virily?

For a little over than 365 days last year (2018) I posted between 3 and five posts a day. The reality I discovered throughout the year is the dilution factor. More posts don’t drive more revenue. What drives more Virils for your posts is getting the influencer. I spent a lot of time chasing who the influencers were on the site, and I started that information with the ROW (rest of the world.) I have been tracking several writers over the last couple of days related to the number of posts they make (daily) and the impact of those posts. I’ve got some initial information, but I would like to remind people that at best these are not scientific numbers. The information I gather is related to specific authors, and while it is reliable (beginning and end are known), it is open to interpretation.

  1. Multiple posts don’t always mean more viewers.
  2. The first influencer that comments will increase readers if a second from the list of influencers comments it moved faster. This one is hard to prove other than, watching throughout five days. Interesting by the way, some of the influencers have no impact in some areas. They, the influencers, have a huge impact in the areas on Virily where they post.
  3. The influencer list has changed in the past 45 days. Two names have dropped off, and two new names are now part of the new list. I will try to publish the new list later on this spring. A 45-day trend isn’t long enough.

I have also had the chance to look at specific influencers related to their impact and found some of my original numbers aren’t holding up.

I suspect one of the things we as a community should consider is awards. Things that we vote for and nominate other writers for. While there wouldn’t be any official Virily support for this, I think there might be value in considering something like that. Will leave some questions with this post to help start people thinking. I have to say that this came from a question asked on the Vrily users group. The question was more generally should I write on Vrily. I’ve extended that thought a bit to move forward with the concept of what will help me writing on Virily. This is the first post of things I’ve noticed. Again please note that this is not a scientific poll and I was only able to watch between 5 and eight writers daily.

  • Question of

    Do you think Virily Community Awards would be fun?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    (add in the comments) will you share additional ideas for awards?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. I think I marked both yes and no and that is never helpful. As I understand it an influencer is more about followers and comments. Perhaps I don’t understand it at all. I read, comment if I have something of worth to say. For awhile I commented, especially if there were no comments because I think that is hurtful to the author and I want no one to feel invisible. I share everyone’s stuff on social media, and I don’t know if that does any good at all.

    I believe that part of the reason I write so much is that it is the only thing I have any real control over. I tried to run contests and that didn’t seem to be helpful for anyone.

    So I guess if I am supposed to be an influencer I need a tutor and specifics. I am not savvy enough to pick it up on my own. Or I can just keep doing what I am doing, which apparently is so helpful, but I am keeping my goals and leaving footprints.

    I am willing to perform any to do list that will helpful to the site.

    • You are an influencer. I would have said your brought a number of other Virily writers with you but I’ve noticed that you also seem to bring a lot of external readers. That said, I can’t scientifically show that, but it seems that way.

      Keep doing what you are doing its working!

          • If the community really wants and agrees, that’s good. Basically, I agree, we only need to take into account and anticipate all possibilities given the total number of Virily users and what percentage will be involved in making an agreement for the entire user.

          • Say only those who are active (maybe also semi-active ones), but how do you gather everyone to agree and involve on this kind of thing because even the posts from the admin are poor of visitor? Maybe we can just make an award, but how big is the impact? Will it be recognized by users in general or even “legitimate”?

            Ah! I seem to sound a bit fussy… Really I only intend to give various considerations if such an award is held, in order it will have a strong positive influence and not be harassed because maybe the winner is the user listed in the ranks.


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