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Ponds of Češnjevek

Ponds Češnjevek are located at the end of the village of Češnjevek, not far from the village of Cerklje na Gorenjskem. It is only a few minutes walk from the Strmol Castle along the forest path. There are two bigger ponds in Češnjevek but some smaller ones could be found. Humble locals call them ponds, although they are as much as 4 ha and could be classified as lakes according to the classification. Ponds Češnjevek are a grateful photographic facility. Especially for the time before the sunset, when we can observe the amazing game of sun and light in the water. In the warm weather, after a walk, resting on the tents, which are located along a small pond. In the pond is allowed fishing for members of the fishing association and tourist fishermen at the time of the purchase of a fishing ticket. The pond can be hunted with carp, catfish, ski, amur, lignus, clan, pike, sick, reddish

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  1. I don’t think I have ever heard the term “hunting” fish. The fish are safe with me. I go fishing but I am never successful with the catching part. Love the pictures. Thanks so much for all the smiles you give me.

  2. Awesome reflections, yes I have fished for whatever fish is in the water with our family as a food gathering exercise. We went out in boats, dragged flounder nets, collected shellfish.
    It was dinner on the table and presents for relatives.

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