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I have added peanuts in my daily diet.  Peanauts are packed with nutrients and have zero cholesterol The  question was looking for the best.  I wanted unsalted peanuts as most that are sold are always salted. Not only was I looking peeled and roasted peanuts but those that did not have that red skin. 

Those with little patience will understand what it is to eat peanuts that have that red skin. I went online and spent quite a few days to look for exactly what I wanted  And yes I succeeded.

 What you see in the photo are available online. They are slightly bigger in size and are partially roasted and most importantly they are not salted.  We need to roast them which in a way it is better that way. 

As the saying goes, ‘Try, try, try again, then you will succeed’  I did just that.

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Written by grace


  1. I used to love to eat cashews and regular peanuts. I stopped when I stopped eating a lot of things and eat less now because I lost weight and do not want to ever gain it back again.

  2. When peanuts are roasted and have their skin removed you most often lose the sprouting part which is the most nutritious portion of the peanut. I home roast and eat the whole peanuts.