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Of meetings and meeting technology

The concept of a meeting room is interesting. It has to have a video camera/speaker and a whiteboard. If you ask my team, they don’t want to have meetings with me in rooms with whiteboards. I do tend to step to the whiteboard and work through things. Which is funny, many years ago I published a poem about Dancing Bears and paintbrushes. It was written about a meeting I had with a bunch of coworkers.

If you can imagine, Dancing Bears do not often listen. Bears are not known as great listeners. They are known for eating honey and for catching salmon. Bears with color paint brushes then might pose a problem. You see, once the Bears start painting, they don’t listen. It becomes hard to get a word in edgewise sometimes, add unicycles, and you have a circus show!

To end this discussion of meeting technology, what do you like to see when you walk into a meeting room? A carafe of tea or coffee? Perhaps three carafes, tea, coffee, and decaffeinated coffee. Do you prefer a muffin tray or cookie tray? One of the things I always check is the chairs. There are conference rooms at my office that have awesome chairs. And conference rooms that have horrible chairs. I think the horrible chairs are in the conference rooms that are for short meetings!

What do you need to have in your meeting rooms?

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    Do you ever facetime with someone?

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    have you ever skyped?

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    Do you have a camera attached to your computer?

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  1. If I call for a meeting the tenants get nervous, if they see me with a paper in my hand they rally freak out!

    I tend to leave “Love notes” 🙂

    The repairman loves them because its a list of things he did not do and needs to be done.

    I can see you standing at the white board. Talking to loud to keep their attention.

    Yes (5 votes) – 36%
    No (9 votes) – 64%
    Yes (14 votes) – 93%
    No (1 votes) – 7%
    Yes (11 votes) – 79%
    No (3 votes) – 21%

  3. I thought whiteboard is a must in the meeting room. I remember in my ex-company, we have flip chart (with large paper sheets) too. I think this can be quite useful, as we can keep the papers with some important discussion notes or ideas. We also have projector. I think these are useful in the meeting room. I don’t really concern about coffee or food, I don’t remember eating while having discussion. 😀

  4. Got to have coffee! When I worked in the legal division with Pipeline Safety, the hearing room was always frigid. We had coffee but not always sugar and/or creamer. This is when I learned to drink coffee black and got hooked on coffee. You actually needed it to keep your blood flowing and to stay awake. You can only imagine how boring these hearings were.

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