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Ode to new ads on Virily

If you want to see some ads that are really silly,

Then scroll down to look at the new ads on Virily.

The goal for the site is to make some moolah,

But were only given the worst ads from Taboola.

I’m using food to cook during the quarantine, so I will not be taking an onion peel

And sticking it underneath my heel.

No, I do not want to see why Steve Harvey is sad

I already know the reason; he is about to become a grand-dad.

During the coronavirus outbreak, I wash my hands every time I tinkle,

But I am still not going to look at how to eliminate wrinkles.

I am single living the stay-at-home life

So I can look at the video because I do not have a wife.

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Written by ahol888

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  1. 1/2 those ads lead you to known sites with Malware issues.

    But, i must say, from a perspective of one who read,
    your epic poem, your ode
    was nearly perfect!

    love the poem, but did want to walk about two things you said.

    Why no opinion under your heel?
    and living the single life at home….


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