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Virily PLEASE Get Rid of the Disgusting Ads

I was excited at first seeing the ads back. That should mean the site is improving. That was until I saw disgusting pornographic ads today. 

And yes even on the posts that are denying these ads exist, unfortunately.

I will not share the ads, they are repulsive. Virily needs to pay attention and get rid of these ASAP.

Negative attitude? No, I don’t care for pornography. Period.

Eeyore agrees.

  • Have you seen the pronagraphic ads?

    • 1. Yes and I am appalled
    • 1. No, I have blinders on


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Written by Carol DM

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  1. Ads are region specific and are also related to our past viewing history. By that I do not mean you have a viewing history like that, What I mean is that is how most ads are placed.
    I quit an article writing site that not only pays well, but instantly because of such ads. They are disgusting, no doubt about that. Thankfully I have only fat reducing ads on my side of the site thus far.

    • I for one, thank you Dawn. I was wondering how it all worked. This makes sense. I also share this computer with my 30 year old son, and honestly. When I saw those ads, I just automatically wondered if those kind of things were in the history. I even looked. Nope, whew.
      They are disgusting, and am so glad not everyone had to see them. So, thank you!

      • I copy artbytes26’s comment from another topic. I hope it’s helpful:

        “If you want you can install a web-filter. Iโ€™m using Forticlient. You can see other ads but blocks porn sites including ads.

        Or try using brave browser”

  2. I wish I would of been here when you posted this. I had already had enough of the pornagraphic ads and had logged off of the site, my grandson was in the room when I saw them. Luckily he was playing and not looking.

  3. OMG, CAROL. They are so very gross, and in my opinion. I slicked down male part with vaseline petroleom jelly is indeed pornagraphic. The open legged woman with the lemon. NOT COOL.
    Obviously only some of us are seeing these ads. I have my grandson here and had to turn VIRILY OFF this morning. Thank you for posting this.

  4. I was told that these sorts of ads are created by learning programs as pure clickbait. They are designed to simply get people to click, and the programs constantly adjust them to get the highest clickthroughs. The more an ad is clicked, the more that type has an influence over future ads.

    Sadly, I think Virily has lost access to the generally better ad networks.


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