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Not A Ghost ~ Wacky Wednesday

In the dark place, the glowing cat’s eyes looked very impressive. Some timid or unprepared people are sometimes surprised at that.

This is Blue who lately is very happy to relax in the window behind the lace curtain. The idea of sneaking behind this curtain was not really Blue’s original idea but Black’s idea. Noticing the two of them, it seems like the younger Black more inspired Blue more than the other way around.

They are indeed homeowners who may be wherever they like, but for that reason, we must always be ready to look for replacement furniture that has been broken because of their actions and also seems to have to prepare replacement blinds which began to become victims of their claws.

  • Do you often have to repair or replace various furnishings, utensils, or else that are damaged by your cat?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. What a great photo. You should have made us guess what the eyes were. Kittens can be very mischievous and curious. My two have never broken anything. They have so many toys to play with, and birds to watch, that keeps them busy. It is best not to keep anything around the windows when you have cats. And I have no curtains, I have wooden blinds. That also helps.

  2. What a beautiful, almost eerie looking picture with those glowing cat’s eyes. Is it Halloween already? But joking aside, I have rarely replaced furniture or even curtains because of cats as I often sprayed the furniture and even the curtains with a lemon scented spray. Cats and dogs do not generally like the smell and the taste of lemons. Blue is such a sweet looking cat…

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