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My Happy List – My Happiness

Often, even having everything in the world, we do not feel happy. We travel the farthest corners, try all the entertainment we can, buy the most expensive stuff, but still are empty inside. Maybe we are not looking for happiness where it lives. Maybe it’s a lot closer …

Am I happy? The crumbs of happiness are so widely and finely scattered in the labyrinths of moments and years, the greed of happiness (as of every human being) is so great, and the fantasy of dreams sometimes is not modest that it’s not always easy to see the happiness’ moments, but I guarantee that at the last moment of my life I will say, “I was happy.”

What makes me happy

My happiness is my family. After all, I have two times more love with my two children! And every day of mine was and still is filled with them. Being with your children, learning from them to keep a happy child inside – is there greater happiness? And everything else – travel, wealth, work – are just secondary matters.

When I first went abroad for the first time many years ago, I was shocked by a different world! Two weeks of traveling seemed like a dream. I returned home, it was a warm September and I decided to go to the sea. I made my way through the bushes towards the dunes. The grass, the bushes, and the sea smelled, the sun was shining in autumn, and the wind was whispering in the leaves. Suddenly, I felt an indescribable feeling: Here’s my land, here’s where my only homeland is – on this path toward the sea! And here I am happy. Till now. And I feel happy each time stepping into this path. 

I am happy to discover simple things: the smell of meadows after rain or the sea before the storm.What makes me happy? Quiet! Peace outside and inside.

I am happy when life is moving me forward. When I look for an answer and life gives me a sign. Then I try to figure out which way to go. That’s what happiness is: notice the signs and go your own way. 

I’m happy with surprises. After all, every day of ours is full of surprises, we just need to be able to see them! I am happy to be able to take life events as an adventure and not take everything too seriously.

I am happy when it rains. I like to sit by the window and watch the rain. Or walk the streets and feel it on my face. The rain calms me down and helps me hear myself. 

The sea before the night is a real miracle to me. I feel the overwhelming need to dive, float, feel weightless. Swimming in the darkening water is like blending into infinity and being happy.

I see the world in a slightly different way than usual: the phenomena, events or people around me are not only interesting to me as objects – I try to analyze their causes, to understand their connections and their origins. And this innate curiosity makes me happy.

I am extremely happy that I am Lithuanian, that the language of my country is so unique and old, and that the way we speak it forms the special course of our thoughts. All the achievements of Lithuanians in the world make me happy almost to tears!

For me, happiness is not the moments of euphoria that happen when one or another goal is reached, not the festivals, but the slow daily routine of surviving here and now when I can observe the world rather than revolve around it. And when no one is brainwashing me.

I could continue and continue but I guess you will become bored. Happiness is everywhere. I try to find it even where it doesn’t seem to be.

 And what makes you happy?  Write your own post about it. Thanks, 2ellie925 for bringing back this challenge: My Happy List is Back!

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  1. Wonderful and very wise words! Happiness does not always need to be loud and euphoric. Thank yous so much for joining the challenge, and spreading happiness!

  2. There are many different things that make me happy I will post about one later. If I had stayed in Latvia we would remain, neighbors, since Lituania is right below Latvia.