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Can work make a person happy?

Why work? After all, most would argue that they feel happy can only when they can be lazy, when they are not responsible for anything, and simply do nothing.

But I dare to argue that one will never feel happy until he finds where to realize himself.

Lying at the TV can make you feel happy for a day, two, maybe a week – later you start to feel emptiness, and you don’t understand who you are or what your purpose on earth is.

And while doing work (I emphasize the favorite, not the one we go to every day reluctantly), a person feels good – he knows what he is doing, for whom, and what the results will be.

I really feel happy now when working what my heart loves. I know the difference because not always I was doing the work I loved.

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  • Can work make a person happy?

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  1. I know some people are happy with their jobs and others are very unhappy. It is not healthy to work at a job that makes you miserable – work should be fulfilling