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Sky Sunday – Find miracles in your daily live

When I was little, I often heard, “Just see how happy the child is!” That happy kid I am till now.

What matters most to me is to enjoy the moments, to appreciate every person I meet!

I believe in fate, I believe that nothing happens to me without reason. I am very emotional, after a good performance or a movie I go out with tears in my eyes.

I can answer my explanation of happiness with simple verbs: marvel, admire, learn, create, feel, love, travel, make friends, listen, believe, laugh and Live! 

It also makes me happy that I am able to wonder: the sunsets, the clouds above us, the first snow, the picture I see or the person I meet. As we grow, we lose that ability, so we become sad and unhappy. It is the task of every thinking person to find miracles in your daily lives.

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