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There are people with whom communication at any time during any period of your life lifts you up like the ladder. You tell them – I want to travel around the world in 7 days. They rejoice and repeat that anything is possible. You tell them – I want to buy an elephant and keep it home. They call their friends because they know where to get that elephant. And they repeat that anything is possible. You tell them – I want to leave to live in Tasmania. They say it’s great and will come to visit. 

And then suddenly the shame for myself visits me.  It looks like everything is there,  I have the support and everything is possible – so why am I sitting and doing nothing? 

And if I meet those people when I’m already in the right way  – they are happy for my success. These people met after a couple of years, look the same beautiful, with great changes, resolved things that were troubling them, they are up the career ladder, changed activities, or found new, additional activities. And it’s always fun to talk to them and it’s always fun to feel happy for them. 

So life gets better, but not for everyone. Because in order to improve your life, you have to leave a comfortable armchair and choose a shaky chair. 

Yesterday, a taxi driver gave me a good lesson. We stuck in a traffic jam, and we had a great rich conversation about life, about bureaucrats, about people-amoebas, and when we got to the destination spot, I wanted to leave him some tips and when he refused, I said, “But hey, we talked so well.” “Don’t value it with money.”

Have a nice day!

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  1. It’s like a chain reaction, that’s why we should never believe that kindness is pointless. It can change someone’s life that will change someone else’s and so forth. It can change the whole world! ?