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To love myself

To love myself…

Not think that in the world, there are more beautiful, smarter, more successful ones than me.

To look in the mirror and don’t want to change anything that I see there. Trust the voice of the heart.

Don’t wait for any more for events, meetings, parties, birthdays, celebrations to feel happy. Don’t wait for love and attention for yourself. Simply,  to feel happy now.

Look into the person’s eyes and not lower my own eyes. To know that the world is as wonderful as it always has been and will be.

To rejoice in another man’s success. Rejoice that people are living, creating, pursuing and reaching their goals. Because their success does not make my life worse. I do not become less loved and happy.

Do not complain about the difficulties of life. Even to love those difficulties. Not to exaggerate the problems.To know that everything ends: both good and bad.

To love the country, the town, the street you live on.

Rejoice the view behind the window. Smile to passersby even though they are angry and gloomy. Because someday they, like me, will necessarily understand what it means to love yourself.

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