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Move From Hell

I made this painting last April. At first, I gave this painting the title “Burn The Peace” which the initial idea was about how I saw a power burning the peace of a nation with various conspiracies and ways.

However, I still do not want to give a dull and unpleasant impression of the idea because I believe that everything is a process, especially the learning process, both as a human and as a nation too, therefore I still choose strong and festive colors for this abstract painting.

But after various events happened to me and my family over the past few weeks, when my wife and I chose to engage in a practical political process by devoting thought, energy and time to it, some people around me had “cut in the folds”, that was the proverb in my country which means that there is a close person who betrays us, has done something to the detriment of us, my wife and me so that a problem arises that has the potential to eliminate our house ownership. Of course, this situation has burned the peace in our home. Funny thing is, I have seen this before in my vision in meditation. The next few days, I experienced another extraordinary spiritual experience which I later concluded as personal insight.

Seeing everything that has happened since I finished the painting, I added a butterfly in the painting whose idea was to leave or move from hell or a hot atmosphere in any sense. Indeed, the butterfly seemed to reduce the abstract weight of the painting and loaded the painting into a background, but let it be because I like the latter idea too. Until now, I still manage a number of important things to solve problems, as often and as well as I can, besides I also still feel I have to adapt to that physical reality and insight.

I do not intend to confide through this article but merely to answer your questions, my closest and best friends here about what really happened and at the same time to thank you for your sympathy, attention, and support for me. Really, I really appreciate all that more than what you think.

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    Which paintings do you like more, with or without butterflies?

    • With the butterfly
    • Without the butterfly
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    Which title do you prefer?

    • Burn The Peace
    • Move From Hell


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  1. Users voted 10 times.
    Q: Which title do you prefer?

    Move From Hell (9 votes) – 90%
    Burn The Peace (1 votes) – 10%

    Q: Which paintings do you like more, with or without butterflies?

    With the butterfly (9 votes) – 82%
    Without the butterfly (2 votes) – 18%

  2. A change is never easy … but if its needed, its needed.
    At least your family is in this with you, and so many more out there …
    Hopefully everything will be settled and in a peaceful matter.

    I love the butterfly in the art… it gives a focus and direction…
    hence I’ll go with move from hell …

  3. Albert, I am so sorry. It is not easy what you are facing. The painting, the juxtaposition of the butterfly and the flames speaks well to the inner pain.

    I wish I could offer more than solace. But that is all I can give. I am standing with you!

  4. Life puts us down just to give us the opportunity to rise stronger! I’m sure everything will end well, and you and your family will become stronger!
    As the butterfly at maturity has gained its splendor through multiple transformations, you will overcome all the troubles and rebalance your spirit.


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