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The Stages of Innovation

In the world of software architecture, people talk about the three phases of architecture. The phases for software projects are the same ones that innovators leverage and use.

Simply put that is the conceptual stage of architecture. In this phase of the concept, innovation sees the problem that could be solved and begins to consider ways to solve the problem.

Activities of the Conceptual Phase:

• Recognizing a problem

• Watching people struggle with the problem

• Considering options to solve that problem

• Brainstorming with likeminded professionals

• Discussion with a mentor or trusted advisor Once the innovator moves past that conceptual or idea phase, they begin considering the innovation not only in the conceptual space previously considered but not in a more logical space. In a logical space, the innovator begins to think about the components of the innovation.

Activities of the Logical Phase

• What is it going to be made of in terms of materials?

• What components need to be built?

• How will they fit together etcetera?

The innovation may at this time build out models of what the solution may look like. They will begin considering the system design and the system view of what they wish to build at this time.

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