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More of an explanation of what VR or Virtual Reality is…

The other side of Augmented Reality is the expanding world of Virtual Reality.  The two are distinctly different. Virtual reality is the creation of an environment that doesn’t exist in the “real world.” Many video games focus on building worlds that are not currently available. Virtual Reality or VR has it is often called represents the creation of a world. Where yesterday we talked about AR, AR, or Augmented Reality, allows you to interact with things you are looking at, but find additional information. Physical events, places, and objects that provide interactive information. Virtual Reality builds on the concept of what isn’t there. The two are different from the perspective of display.

AR can be your cell phone camera, and your cell phone screen with additional information. VR headsets tend instead to be encompassing headsets. The Oculus Go or the new Oculus Quest are headsets that cover your eyes completely. You don’t see the room you are sitting in (for the most part). VR tends to use scenes that are built. If you love the work of Mr. Ledante, here on Virily, you’ve seen built environments that are not real. That is the basis of VR. You can have a real environment, in a Virtual presentation, but the minute you put on the VR headset, you are no longer operating in the world around you. The headset coves your eyes, and you see the virtual world.

That is the easy difference between the two. AR Goggles, let you see the world around you, and additional information. Think about the last repair person that came to your house. With an AR google set, they can see how whatever they are fixing is supposed to look while looking at your actual device.  With the VR goggles you don’t see the world around you (well you do, but only during the setup for safety).  One of my favorite VR activities is a walking tour of Ancient Greece. I do not walk but can wander the lands of the past.  Another that I love to use is Netflix. It is fun to have a VR 100 inch TV to watch movies on! Where AR is more focused (today) on adding information, VR is all about building an experience!

  • have you ever played a video game?

    • Yes
    • No
  • if you answered yes to question one, than you’ve looked at a Virtual World. VR is simply putting you into that world, does that make sense?

    • Yes
    • No

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  1. Q: have you ever played a video game?
    Yes (11 votes) – 85%
    No (2 votes) – 15%
    Q: if you answered yes to question one, than you’ve looked at a Virtual World. VR is simply putting you into that world, does that make sense?
    Yes (10 votes) – 83%
    No (2 votes) – 17%

  2. I think I have understood a bit. Correct me if I am wrong. If I am taken on tour of another galaxy in net, that is VR as none of the stars or planets I see there would be real.

    I will give an example of AR from my experience. There was a space shuttle in a theme park. Once we sit inside, a video screen on the front will simulate an environment outside the shuttle. They would also cause enormous vibrations to simulate a real bumpy ride inside the space shuttle. It gives an impression of travelling in a space shuttle. There is a real object resembling space shuttle. It is augmented with a video screen and vibrations to create the space travel feel. Is it an example of AR?

  3. I often wonder how easy it is to get carried away by getting too involved in VR. There is a think line between the real world and VR and people seem to cross the two worlds way more often than their brains can adjust to.. I wonder if this could lead to poor judgement of some sort in some people.

  4. My nephews are all into this. About the only thing I can handle is driving and that dancing thing where you try and smack things before they hit you. It is so strange how you truly feel like you are not in the same place. When you take the goggles (is that the right term) I am always grateful that I am where I began. It is so hard to describe.

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