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Lovebirds ~ Saturday Creature

Many friends have asked me if I like birds, and the answer is “Yes, of course”. It’s just that, since childhood, I have imagined how sorry the birds would be if because we liked them then we imprisoned them.

That’s how most bird hobbyist in my country do their hobbies. They put the birds in the cage, either because of their beauty or because of their tweets. This pictures of lovebird show how he lives alone in his cage. Lucky the cage is big enough so that it can jump to and fro.

I saw this lovebird at a restaurant when I had lunch last week. Didn’t know what he wanted to say through his eyes but the bird must have been shy between wanting to approach but also avoiding it. The filter wire, as well as those bars, made me unable to take pictures of the bird as a whole, well, but at least there is something I can share and discuss with you in Saturday Creature this time, right?

  • Do people who like the birds for whatever reason in your country also put them in cages?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. But if they have to poo-poo lol, and they were not in cages, their droppings would be in more places than one lol. I had pigeons when I was young, and we let them outside their cage, but on a string lol. Love the photo!

  2. sad to say my sister is fond of birds so we have caged birds. We have a bird like this and I named it Mr. Bean because of funny wide eyes. and also i call one Mango because of the yellow body and green head …

  3. Lovely photo of the lovebird. My little Louis is a budgie and if you release the bird it cant fly far, He gets to fly daily, as I believe in letting him have a flight. You should know that any budgie released in New Zealand would not live long. A week of life would be a miracle, if the cats did not kill him the other birds will.

    However, if you have any bird or animal you should look after it, Louis travels with us on long journeys but if its too hot in the car for a day trip we leave the radio on for company. He goes with us on holidays in New Zealand. He gets a lot of attention and is a great companion

  4. I saw a few dove rooms at our place, the doves there are at least half-free. That’s good, I think.
    We have various birds living in the wild in our city and for many years they give birth to new baby birds in the same nest, just opposite the high-rise building. It’s so cute and their singing is adorable! 🙂

  5. Well, he is camera shy! haha
    I guess these birds can get really expensive.
    My dad sold on of his singing bird for over $100.
    And then there are competitions whereby the bird with the best “song” wins cash!
    But of course its the owner who get to spend them :p

  6. I think most owners keep their birds in cages. I knew of one case where the bird was free, they forgot they opened the window and it was never to be found again.
    Most pets want freedom but they would never be able to survive in the wild, because they’re tamed and accustomed to the comforts of the home life. Same can happen with humans, we lost most of the abilities our ancestors had.
    I love birds as well, I don’t understand why we should ‘deport’ creatures from their natural environment and keep them caged just because they’re pretty and make nice sounds.

          • Some birds are fussy and won’t find the food they like in most areas of the city. It’s also a dangerous environment for them to stay, and they may require specific trees where to build their nests. In fact, cities are inhabited by the smartest birds who eat about anything and sleep about anywhere. I think you can still find interesting species in the parks, but they’re definitely harder to spot.
            I saw a great tit once, on the balcony of the apartment where I used to live. It was a urban area, though it was the greenest neighborhood.
            It’s easier to have a backyard and a feeder anyway. 😄

        • It would be great if cities had several bio-diverse parks where people would visit and watch the birds fly freely. That wouldn’t allow city people to see all the birds that hang out in your backyard, but it’s better than the usual pigeons… Pigeons are wonderful creatures as well, but… 😅

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