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Ayam Mutiara Plangkok ~ Saturday Creature

My wife’s nephew had just been married a year ago and three weeks ago his wife had given birth to a baby boy. His parents who are the sisters of my wife this afternoon engage my wife and me to see their grandchildren.

Considering that my wife’s nephew works at a mining company so he usually alternates for three weeks at the mine site and three weeks later at the head office in Jakarta, then his wife chooses to stay temporarily at his parents’ house and not at their own home.

At her parents’ house, I took pictures of these pearl chickens, that’s how people in our country mention them while Wikipedia calls them Guineafowl, also sometimes called “pet speckled hen”, or “original fowl” are birds of the family Numididae in the order Galliformes. Unfortunately, Wikipedia does not show this type which we refer to as the Ayam Mutiara Plangkok (Plangkok Pearl Chickens).

Like other chickens, these creatures cannot fly but can jump quite high. This chicken is closely related to the Argusianus bird which we usually call Kuau. The characteristic of this chicken is the color of its black fur with small white spots with a neck and a hairless head. In addition, the guinea fowl sounds loud. In some countries, it has been bred for meat and eggs but in my country, these chickens are generally treated as ornamental chickens.

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  1. I saw some of these when I travel to a neighboring province. I don’t know (or forgot) what it’s called though.
    In one of the YouTube videos that my kids are watching they called it Guinea Fowl. But I think this fowl has another name.

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