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Intoxicating Children With Alcohol

I don’t understand why some parents feel it enjoyable to intoxicate their children with alcohol. 

I have noticed this incident here in Tanzania. I don’t know if in my country it does happen. A parent takes a video of their child drinking beer then shares it on WhatsApp. For what purpose? I haven’t figured out.

Two parents of a three-month old baby were arrested including waiters and waitresses, those who cooperated in the bar and in spreading the video on Facebook showing the baby being given beer. 

The parents face two charges: giving beer to a child below the age of 18 and misusing social media. 

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Written by Benny


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    • It is very disgusting. There is a tribe here that has a high rate of drunkards in the country because children learn to drink the local brew then beer before they’ve reached eighteen.

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