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Spreading Smiles #6: Bossy Kids

Everyone who has been around children know how hilarious they can be. I don’t have a child but I know the joy of having them. 

Sometimes they may try our limits or temperament, other times they feel us with joy.

Many children tend to be bossy especially those who one of their parents is bossy. The bloodline is of bossiness. Others learn as they grow.

The last kid on the video was very funny. Ever spoken to a dog but it doesn’t appear to be listening to you? You feel like asking it, “Why aren’t you listening? Why?” This kid doesn’t understand why the dog isn’t listening?

Enjoy watching the video:

Bossy Kids

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Written by Benny


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  1. sorry but i would disagree a bit with some of your assertions.

    I suspect children mimic the behavior (bossy) they see in their parents at times.
    But, there are many more reasons why people become or behave in a bossy way. One of them is frankly the lack of control in their lives.


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