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Last weekend, with kids, we were looking at old photos and wondering what the perfect title would be, “kids – the meaning of my life” or “I just live for them”. I live for children, everything I do is for them only. 

But you know, I don’t want to live by that motto at all. I believe I have to live for myself first. Saying this is not easy, because look, it will support me as an egoist, selfish, poor mother who can’t afford to sacrifice. But there are so many and so often sacrifices on the path of motherhood we all have made!

So when I say and learn to live primarily for myself, I don’t want to feel guilt or shame. I taught children how to live like this too. 

It seems to me that I really only learned to love another when I was able to love myself. So maybe it sounds weird, but first you love yourself, and then love for another takes on a whole other level and depth.

Just like the simple rule when flying: in the event of an accident, we put on the oxygen mask first on ourselves and then on the child. Because “without air” for ourselves, we can not help a child.

We are all human with our lives. Children are a part of it, but that doesn’t mean losing yourself, your being, or your time with your partner. I really know how to spend 100% exclusively on kids, but I also realize that I have to have my own time and that is necessary. 

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