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Interesting posts? What are they?

I agree with Carol we need to revamp Virily in order to put some life into it and one suggestion she made is that there should be interesting posts

What interests one will not interest the other and so on.  At the moment the site is filled with ‘days’ posts – macro, reflection, black and white, wacky, shadow……………………….. May be users could give their opinion and say if they find these posts interesting. I have yet to take part vigorously writing posts on these topics.

As far as I am concerned I always have something to comment  no matter what topics they are. The only posts I go past are those that are too long.

  • Would you know what kind of posts will interest users here?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by grace


  1. I’m quite lost as to what will get popular and what is interesting to others. Anyway, I just do what I like :p

    I’m pretty random… lol

  2. I don’t know what interests people but I go by the responses and if they say they like something I will try to post something like that.
    However, I will not post something that does not interest me either.
    I find people here interesting

  3. No, I do not know what can be most interesting to our readers. I tried to write about what I know best – home decor, but such posts attracted a lot of outside viewers but not inside, and as we are not paid any more for outside viewers, I even do not know if it worth to continue in this direction. If you noticed posts from Virily Editor, it looks like his/her posts are SEO oriented. I know, for the site, it’s best as we need advertising views not only from inside but also from outside readers. The more views, the more site earns.
    What I do not like to read? For instance, when a person without medical education teaches us how to treat one or another illness. Also, I do not read posts about religion. Everything else I read with pleasure.

    • The sad part is many I would say quite many do not read posts but just view. But from the point of view of the Site SEO related posts could be a choice.

  4. Though I have joined the site two years ago, I only started to be active on this site recently, hence I still don’t really know what posts interest the other members. I suppose everyone comes here with different interests, and there are different posts that interest different people as well. I like that we have the freedom to create any topics we like, hence we can also write what we are interested in, and might attract like-minded friends as well. I notice that there are really lots of great photos and art works sharing on Virily, though I am not an artistic person and I might not always interested in art work, it’s always nice to look at those beautiful work.

  5. I really don’t know what you want to change … it all seems completely meaningless … you have so many different posts that I really don’t know what you want

  6. The idea I had of refreshing the site comes after being a member for over two years. Things have changed a lot. No communication from the site has become the biggest issue. Since that hasn’t changed in over one year and counting, I thought something different might work. But it all comes back to the same unresolved issues.

    • Nothing wrong in speaking out. That is a proactive approach you have adopted Carol I too am a proactive and there is bound to have a debate on issues. A healthy debate is always welcome.

  7. Hmm! “macro, reflection, black and white, shadow …”( You forgot Saturday Critters?) You mentioned almost all the daily challenges that I started two years ago. Even if these challenges are not interesting to others, I will continue to post photos that fall into these categories! Everyone is free to choose their own topics to write about!

    • I was just wanting to find out what was not interesting. For me every post is interesting. As you may have seen even though I do not participate yet in the ‘days’ posts I view, up vote and respond.

      The posts I avoid are those that are too long. That is my weakness. And I do not go for posts of those who never come to mine.

  8. There are 3 types of users here 1. They are here to earn without putting any effort as they do not even write posts. They just view. 2. These users view posts, up vote and also write their own posts. There is no guarantee they will read the posts. 3. These users read, respond to posts and also write their own posts. This last category could be just about 10 percent.

    Most of my posts get the status of most commented and also I see them in the trending section. I will continue to write the way I do now. Quizzes are quite tough to make. I have 26 so far.

  9. You are correct – there is no knowing what will interest the people who visit and contribute to Virily.

    I find that quizzes get a good audience, as do pieces about controversial topics. My own preference is to write short articles about things that interest me and which I have researched in my book collection. These do not take long to do, earn Virils, and can then be transferred to my various blogs which will then attract a different audience.