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In Or Out ~ Color Crazy Blue

I have made another artwork for Kim’s Color Crazy Challenge which I adjusted to this week’s theme, blue.

In fact, I had my own idea when I started this painting, but when it’s done and I wanted to make the title, then I looked carefully at the final results, I finally did not want to decide myself what title was most appropriate for this work.

Initially, continuing yesterday’s idea of feeling blue, I want to illustrate how our awareness can lead feelings so that we can get out of certain moods that are unpleasant or not too late in any feelings. But the simple use of the word in or out to be added next to the blue, in fact, can give a meaning that completely different.

Out of the blue means completely unexpected while into the blue means completely gone or disappeared. It does not mean that one of them does not have a connection with the meaning of the idea that I poured in the painting, but if it is observed, coming out or entering also has interchangeable meanings, in the broadest sense.

So, apart from the various ideas and what I have just described above, allow this time I ask you to help vote, after paying attention to the painting, which title is more appropriate.

  • Question of

    I prefer the title of this painting is…

    • Out Of The Blue
    • Into The Blue
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    Do you have certain reasons for your vote?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Going by what you were talking about yesterday in your sky photo. I thought it would be best titled out of the blue, since you were talking about getting out of a blue mood. Just my thoughts. Love the painting!!!!!!

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