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color crazy challenge – miko

When I did our lady of Chernobyl, it wasn’t to pick on Russia but to call out irresponsibility with nuclear power. To that end, I had always planned to do a piece for Fukushima as well…

#1 our lady of Fukushima

this isn't the way I wanted to unveil the piece but it is the only red piece I had on hand


What do you think?

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    • Fukushima is the place that went into perpetual meltdown in 2011 and has been irradiating the Pacific ever since. Don’t know anything about a dumbass kid, but I can tell you a bit about dumbass saftey officials and dumbass accountants…

  1. Yes, well New Zealanders have protested against Nuclear weapons and we also protested against ships carrying nuclear weapons.
    However, in protesting against Nuclear weapons, I find it hard to believe that big super powers will just give up their nuclear weapons. They will not.

    I know too much about human nature to believe they ever would.


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