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I wonder!

Why some people think they are smarter than others?

Why do people think that they alone are the ones who understand and not others?

Why people feel the need to give advice when no one asks them?

Why people are frustrated when they are not all interested in what they say?

Why should I like something that I do not like?

Why do some think they know better than me what is in my interest?

Why some people  label unknown people to them?

Just Tuesday’s thoughts….

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What do you think?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. Cel mai simplu raspuns ar fi: pentru ca multi oameni nu au o viata a lor si simt nevoia sa se bage in a altora. Eu m-am obisnuit cu asta, e ca si cum as avea o pelerina care ma protejeaza de toate itioteniile πŸ˜€.
    N-are rost sa cauti raspunsuri la intrebarile astea. Chiar daca le afli pe toate, asta nu va schimba nimic, oamenii vor ramane la fel. Conteaza doar cum reactionezi tu πŸ˜€.

  2. Hello, I am getting prepared for the sunset, somehow they are never quite as spectacular. I so hope you come and read this comment that is filled with kindness. I appreciate your talents and your candor. I really cannot take a picture to save my life!

  3. I want to apologize, I don’t want to hurt anyone that doesn’t deserve that, so I’m sorry if I understood something the wrong way, because it looked to me like that (if not, then I don’t apologize! hahah…….. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ )

    PS I really don’t know what “mess” I made in someone else’s post “because of the writing/spelling mistakes”, like I said, I think I don’t do such things only for wrong spelling but if that happened could be someone told me something wrong so I got insulted or something like that, so I would like to know what exactly it was…? Other than that, why would I insult someone who comes to my post to comment…..?!?……… :/ Especially that I was constantly commenting (complimenting) you, and like you said, we know each other for a long time so I don’t understand… Also, English is NOT my native TOO…..!

    • …so I just think you maybe understood something wrong, not knowing the story behind the situation or something… That happens when people read someone else’s comments/conflicts not knowing anything about it and making conclusions on their own, so I almost never read such things (other people’s comments, except something important for me) nor am interested in other people’s relations… If I’m like that with someone doesn’t mean I will be like that with YOU too…, so I consider such things prejudices…


    • …and no, those comments/visits/upvotes weren’t important to me only because of the “money”, like I already said below, it was important to me to know who visits me and who doesn’t, I guess it is Normal thing when you constantly giving something to someone…

      But doesn’t matter, just forget it now…, but I wanted to make it clear since you didn’t answer anything on that below…..

  4. Well.. I equate these traits with narcissistic or self-centered …
    but I do know people think for themselves …
    and are to a certain level self-centered …
    just that some will over-do it …

  5. Do you assume that the advice people give is directed to you? I just figure it’s a subject they are interested in. You don’t have to read or participate with anything you aren’t interested in. I think virily is like a library, don’t check it out if you don’t want to read it.

    • I’m not referring to the articles written on Virily! Here everybody is free to write about what he like and what he wants (I told you that in the morning on a comment on your post I refer here to people who tell me privately what I should comment or not to comment here! I refer to people who are still trying to convince me how awful and liar person I am that I do not comment on their briliant articles. It’s not about the good advice I have received here, including those from you!

      • You were not told what to comment and what not to comment… You were informed about something else – the messages you referred to in your comment. You were also complained to commenting some other not that brilliant articles while (THE POINT is and was) you were not appreciating someone else’s (NO ONE SAID “BRILLIANT”) articles, (BUT) someone who was visiting and rewarding each and every article of yours for the past 4-5 months- there are differences between these things you obviously don’t understand so do not TWIST them… Everyone’s right is to do whatever he wants…

        And when you were called a liar, that is because of the things you lied about – the things you Present Differently (TWIST) then you actually mean them – nothing to do with WHOSE articles you are commenting….

        • I do not understand a word from what you say! My English is extremely limited in order to understand long phrases. That go beyond my understanding. My brain is not very brilliant, sorry! πŸ˜ͺ

          But I know I’m not a liar! Nobody can convince me that I am what I am not !!!

          • Do not fake that please…, I already learned how you are… No one said I am brilliant nor that you weren’t….. If I remember correctly, you once said to me you are “intelligent above average” and that “I don’t have to explain you anything” because of that, so please…

            Ok then, I apologize then, but that is what I concluded from what you’re doing and saying… You say one thing but present is as another (like you are doing now, FAKING it…), or say one thing and then say a completely different one about the same thing, while not having any compassion towards other people’s feelings which you showed quite well when I (at first) politely asked you to Change or Remove the Inappropriate article you posted about me and Pamela…! If I remember well, at one point you even said you only wanted to post “two cute little dogs” in that post……… – so no…, you are “not” lying………. 😐

          • And no…, you can not convince me you didn’t like ANY of my 130 posts…………….. And even if you weren’t…, what kind of a person you are when not feeling ANY need to give something back to the people who were giving you something constantly…..

            It is COMPLETELY BELOW MY LEVEL to even say something like this, but since you are saying things you said here (that “someone wants you to like something you do not like and similar” – while to me you said something completely else), I have to explain… (OF COURSE I’M NOT NOR WAS ASKING YOU TO COMMENT MY POSTS – I WAS JUST EXPRESSING MY “FASCINATION” BY YOUR BEHAVIOR….. BUT OF COURSE, EVERY ONE CAN DO WHATEVER AND HOWEVER THEY LIKE, IT’S COMPLETELY ON THEM TO CHOOSE WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE THEY WILL BE…………………)


        • It’s not enough that I’ve seen all your posts? Why are “upvotes” so important to you? Upvotes do not bring extra money !! I assure you that I saw all your t-shirts, all the bags, all the cups of coffee you’ve been drinking, all the posts about Virily, very good for the newcomers but …no news for me as a veteran on Virily. I think I have liked some of your articles! But it is very possible I did not make any comments. Until recently, I have very rarely commented on Virily because I do not know English. I feel awkward about making spelling mistakes or grammar. Can you understand this ???? I’ve seen what a mess you made of a mistake in a friend’s article. I did not find those remarks funny. That’s what I’m avoiding, though I can not always. (Not looking for mistakes! Of course there are many but … I do not care!)

          • Upvotes????????? Who said anything about upvotes????? How can I even know you seen them if you never commented not upvoted anything…??? Yes, you did comment a couple of them long ago, I do not deny that… Of course I can understand that, but I see you commenting all other people except me..
            What mess, which article??? And what it has to do with my writing???????? If I say something to someone or quarrel there is a reason for that, but why would I say something like that if you comment my photo, t-shirt, a handbag, or even a Virily themed post — what it has to do with any quarrel here………????? :/ I certainly do not “attack” people for saying a nice t-shirt, or even if they comment what they don’t like… I “attack” only if there is some INJUSTICE towards me personally, sometimes even for NO REASON, or if it is a general injustice, NEVER WITHOUT a reason… I hope that’s clear now…

            What did you mean by this…: “(Not looking for mistakes! Of course there are many but … I do not care!)”, …I didn’t understand what you mean…?

            Remember, I am not nor was asking your visits, I was just surprised because you never commented almost anything while I was commenting you always… I am just like that and believe things here are like that – we should support each other… When someone comments I feel bad if I don’t do the same especially if that is a “friend” that always supports me here… I simply have some relations like that here, I don’t know about you…

          • Even if someone writes something I already know about, I write that in the comment because I want to reward them and give something to the people that reward me… Not meaning only giving money but Giving…..!

          • PS I also see your English is just fine… Better than average.. And if we are looking that way, everything that is posted here are merely already known info, and photos… So why comment ANYTHING right…?

          • Mess of spelling mistakes????????? Where……????? Which article and what author……??? I don;t remember something like that….. Even if it was like that it could some other reason was behind it… I usually don’t do such things…, why would I……..???

  6. I too wonder those same questions. The only answers I have is we have to consider the sources and pick and choose who we associate with. Personalities are so different. And it takes all kinds to make the word go round. That is what I have always been told.

    Nice photo of you and little Maya. πŸ™‚

      • You can do whatever you want, I only told you about the messages you possibly meant in that comment since you (possibly) meant mine (and maybe not…)… And since I know how the user acts (towards me therefore possibly towards some other people too)and have read her complaints about the messages she is constantly receiving (and some other very unreasonable complaints) I assumed it could very much possibly be because of her previous behavior towards those people…, nothing else… But you assumed something else from my answer…

      • Not to mention that the user is acting this way…: telling me not to visit and comment her articles and then come and downvote mine… If I comment she tells me some irrational things, etc etc…, why we at the first place even had a quarrel, which she, irrationally, claims we’ve actually never had (wtf????? :/)…

      • AND, she was also the one sending me such messages in the first place which started that quarrel… (very long ago) So I just expressed why she could be getting such messages…….. And all of that because she Reported my Valid comment and information today in someone else’s post just because it was posted as a Reply to hers…

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