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Every day is a celebration

I don’t clean my heart the way I clean the windows before the holidays. I try to keep it clean at all times, regardless of any circumstances. I don’t clean my feelings or emotions as I clean my home.

I don’t tidy up my thoughts. I oversee my head to keep order in it at all times. I don’t decorate conversations with sweet words like decorating a Christmas tree with shining toys. If I wish someone good – I wish him the same every day and rejoice together until he reaches his goal.

I am not saying empty promises. I don’t try to be good on the days dictated by the calendar. I know what I am by nature. I know very well who I am. I don’t feel a special need to come to terms with something for the holidays, just because I need to.

Life has taught me to resolve all conflicts in the process. Who did I have to forgive – I forgave. To whom I wanted to give a second chance – I gave. I don’t give anyone a third chance because I just don’t have a third cheek to turn.

I don’t understand why it is during the holidays that people try to be so sweetly loving. I consider kindness to be a trait that must accompany us every day. Just like respect.

If you can change the world for the better, every day is right for you. I think we are born again every day and we can start all over again. I believe every day is a celebration worth mentioning every moment.

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  1. i agree with you – I forgive the first time with a simple I am sorry. I forgive the second time, but I am more careful. If it happens the 3rd time, I don’t forgive I keep that person at arms distance. Children, of course, are the exception.

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