It was good, is good, will be good…

With each tired step on a pale gray staircase in the greenish-gray twilight, it  seemed I hear thoughts and plans uniting in my mind, as if a deeply silent sigh.

And so good, bright when thinking, that today is the weekend. Again and again in the morning, sun, quietly awakening and glowing with reflections, will tickle the soles, will illuminate with its peace the room, houses, fields, forests, and thoughts, and there will be no need to rush, and a cozy lazy everyday life will prevail.

However, all the unfinished, undiscovered, still waiting or undone works bit intimidate, but honestly, when were they not? Too often I dive, go deeper, worry about insignificant details, and after all, I could draw a feather of tenderness and lightness and live, try to live a little easier. But I often give up … and distance myself when it’s too hard, it’s too hard to smile, when i am angry and tired to search.

Honestly, the period after lockdown was too busy for me, too many works fell down on me and I hardly dealt with them in a time. Now, I breath easier and again find free time to get back to writing. So, I am back. 

Happy weekend to all. 

© Fortune, 2020

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  1. “will tickle the soles”

    This could be talking about fish, our soles of our feet, or it could be a typo for souls, and all three meanings would still make sense.

    I suspect you meant the soles of our feet though, am I right?



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