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I give up, Camera, cellphone it doesn't matter just don't miss the picture!

I am wading back into my long time debate, camera vs. smartphone. But this time, I am changing my original argument. I don’t think I was wrong, I have just come to realize that it doesn’t being right, the argument has evolved. The evolution of the market is that Smartphones have much better cameras now than used to have. Smartphones are designed to hold the way a camera is, but they are in your pocket. The reason for evolution is that the reality of smartphones has changed the world. There is less privacy now than ever before. I posted once many moons ago now, the concept of the image that is me. Who owns my picture? For example, if I share a picture, do I still own it?

The reality of that question is extremely complex. The initial copyright of the ownership is to the site unless you are the site owner. The later or what is called secondary copyright is yours. As long as something remains on a site, the site owns that initial copyright. You are allowed to post and share that picture if you own the picture anywhere you want. But under the guidelines of the various privacy laws, you don’t own that first copyright. The reason for this is the reality of pictures. The exponential rate of increase for digital pictures has been incredible. For example, my father traveled with his family from Bloomington, Indiana, to Bangkok, Thailand. We lived in Thailand and then returned to Bloomington. In the course of that period, my father took 2000 pictures.

My family and I went to Europe in 2016. We were there for ten days. In 10 days with two digital cameras, we took nearly 6000 pictures. Had we not been in Europe (where the cost for us of Cell data was enormous), we would probably have had 8000 pictures, including cellphones! The difference is huge. I routinely move the pictures from my icloud to other locations so that I have a backup. I don’t take 1 picture at a time. That is the difference now. I still believe digital cameras offer more capabilities. When you are walking around with only your cellphone, and you see a butterfly, or a turtle in a birdbath, or a red sky at sunrise or sunset, you capture it. You don’t run home for your camera anymore.

I believe cameras are better. But I acknowledge smartphone cameras are more prevalent now than cameras are!

Don’t miss the picture!

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    Do you have a digital camera?

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    Do you still have a film camera?

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  1. There are Cameras and there are Cameras.
    One of my creative bents is photography; I suppose you could call me a semi-professional, as I sell my images and have been/am commissioned to do other work.
    Even with all the improvements with Apple and Android devices, the ‘phone in those cameras lag way behind a dedicated machine created solely for a single purpose.
    For ‘every day and basic photography they are fine, but for high-quality professional images… no way… at least, hot yet but we wait and see what the future holds.
    Personally, I am waiting for a retinal implanted device so I can take pictures of what I look at.

  2. I had my cell phone turned off. I don’t even use one now, and I love it. I never did get into the phone with you everywhere you go. Attached at the hip so to speak. I know, its weird. lol So, the answer is I love my tiny digital, and use it for all the pictures. I would love to get a DSLR! And several lenses.
    Great information on copyright laws you provided here too!!

    Yes (9 votes) – 75%
    No (3 votes) – 25%
    Yes (4 votes) – 33%
    No (8 votes) – 67%
    Yes (6 votes) – 60%
    No (4 votes) – 40%
    Yes (4 votes) – 36%
    No (7 votes) – 64%

  4. Very interesting information about the copyright. I know it, and yet I still don’t always realize it.

    As for the cameras, it really depends what you are going to use it for, in my opinion. There’s a bigger difference sometimes between a phone camera and a phone camera, than between a phone camera and digital camera. For my needs, once phones have very good zoom, I won’t really need a camera unless I decide to improve my photography. However, I don’t think phones will reach the level of dslr cameras with changeable lenses soon.

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