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i am still here but down to one post a day

I am only publishing my technical blogs here on this site until the comment situation is fixed. It makes me sad to start over again after four years. There is something to be said about the community that we’ve built here. We’ve had a few folks leave already over the last four years. Some of them by choice due to the site not having what they were looking for. I understand that – things fit or don’t fit. It is a part of the ebb and flow of a site. Sometimes the things that fit early don’t work later. Sometimes the things that don’t seem important first become important later. Over the last eight days, I have found I truly love the comments of the community. I miss them.

I am committed to being here as long as my friends are here. I believe in loyalty; loyalty isn’t blind. But it is steadfast. So I am here and will be here. I walked the last post off Niume on the previous day the site was up. I continue to write for other sites. If you are interested in what I write for other areas, hit me up on Social Media, and I will happily share the links with you.

I am still watching the social impact on posts, although right now, it is relatively easy. No visible comments; therefore, no replies result in between 40% and even 50% fewer views overall.

I still see a bump from Facebook and Twitter, but much less than it has ever been before.

The rate to 100 is now more than six days.

I will end today with the saddest state of all. Over the past five days, a post with two comments made the most commented list. We had a day when a bar with three words was the most commented post on the entire site.

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    don’t quit!

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    the admins will fix this soon (fingers crossed)

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  1. If I was just hanging on by my fingers over a cliff before, this situation now, is removing my fingers, one at a time. Once they have all been removed, I might give this site the boot.

    I have found two more writing sites to write to too, that seem good.

    One is writerscafe, the other wattpad.

    They don’t pay, but I have never been paid here yet at virily either, after 3 years being here, so it makes little difference.

  2. Keep on trucking Doc. Sorry if I am not here as much as before but maybe after September 25th I will. My cataract surgery is scheduled on that day but I keep my fingers crossed as our region is in the orange area when it comes to COVID. So wish me luck even if you do not see this comment…

  3. You won’t see this but I will tell you anyway. For some reason suddenly everything seems to be going south. I cannot find a good writing job, the site I write on Textbroker has no jobs posted for 3-star writers, and Upwork has a bunch of writing jobs I do not want to bid for. So Virily and myLot were my saving grace to not only have some fun, make friends, and some money. I this situation is not clarified then I just don’t know what to do. Seems kind of silly to stick around if I cannot comment and interact I guess time will tell but I will make my decision by end of September. I will post tomorrow just not into it today.

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