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Hovering Hummingbird

The heat is still here in my world. September has not cooled off yet. It will eventually. The hummingbirds love the heat. I have two feeders I am filling up every other day. I do not mind as I know they will be leaving soon for their southern migration.

I was sitting on the deck steps yesterday with my camera. Trying to get the bluebirds at the bird bath but the hummingbirds showed up at the feeder. They did not seem to mind I was sitting only a few feet from them. So I started snapping the camera.

This one is a male ruby throated hummingbird. The female, of course, is a light green or gray and mostly white under color. The male has the shiny green color with the red dot on its throat. Hard to see the red from the side view here.

Managed to get this one hummer as he was hovering at the feeder. He was watching another hummer and wanted to make sure he got to the feeder first. Amazing to watch these tiny birds fight for the feeder. Each feeder has four feeding stations, but they all want it to themselves. Very entertaining to watch them.

Photo ©CarolDM2019

  • Hummingbirds are only 2-3 inches long, did you now this?

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Written by Carol DM


    • You are so kind. I was sitting on the deck steps, with my camera and zoom lens. Waiting on the bluebirds. Wasn’t even thinking about the hummingbirds. This one showed up and I slowly snapped the photo as he hovered in midair! I was excited. No expert, got lucky. But thanks my friend. 🙂

  1. I am very interested in hummingbirds like birds. Now, when I got home at 7 pm, the thermometers were showing 29 degrees Celsius. Do not sleep with heat.