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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate. I will be staying home with my cats. My black cat, the Dude and Brendel both prefer the quiet calm environment of being at home.

When Dustin was here, Halloween was a big deal. Most kids enjoy dressing up and the candy given out. 

He would dress up in costume for school as well as Halloween night. Lots of fun memories.

But they both say Happy Halloween to all of you!

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Funny, when the kids were little it was costumes and walking. Last night was candy and watching. The kids and costumes came to our house.

    times change, but the holiday is all about cut kids!

  2. We don’t celebrate Halloween, but I like to tell some stories about Halloween to my kids and sometimes we make some crafts at home too.

    Happy Halloween to you!

  3. Happy Halloween to you Carol. We do not celebrate that event here. But I got to experience one years ago when I was on a US package tour. I was at my niece’s It was fun watching her kids getting excited and I saw them back from their visits loaded with candy.

    I learnt that phrase trick or treat then (lol)