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My Positive Virily Experience & Thursday Reflections

Dawn has started a wonderful new challenge called My Positive Virily Experience where we share what we like here on the site, and how this has helped us grow in some way. She suggested that we write about just one thing or person at a time, so we can create many positive posts. See more information in her original post.

One thing I like about sharing content here is that I get distracted from my daily life and I get to create a beautiful little world on my own based on the things I am interested in. I have a place to share the photos I take and sometimes when I take a look at my old posts, they remind me of the beautiful things I have seen or experienced in the past. I see a lot of beauty from all over the world in your publications as well – things I wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. What about you, what is your positive Virily experience?

You can also see my post A Few Reasons To Enjoy Your Time Here

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    • It’s a tough situation indeed. Try not to take everything personally, not everyone is talking about the conflict between you two, and defending yourself where the topic has nothing to do with it could make things worse. This is just my opinion.


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