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My Positive Virily Experience & Thursday Reflections

Dawn has started a wonderful new challenge called My Positive Virily Experience where we share what we like here on the site, and how this has helped us grow in some way. She suggested that we write about just one thing or person at a time, so we can create many positive posts. See more information in her original post.

One thing I like about sharing content here is that I get distracted from my daily life and I get to create a beautiful little world on my own based on the things I am interested in. I have a place to share the photos I take and sometimes when I take a look at my old posts, they remind me of the beautiful things I have seen or experienced in the past. I see a lot of beauty from all over the world in your publications as well – things I wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. What about you, what is your positive Virily experience?

You can also see my post A Few Reasons To Enjoy Your Time Here

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  1. It’s mostly the same for me except I’m certainly spending way too much time here which is making me nervous and stressed. I don’t like to be judged because I’m not that judgemental either (not that much I said…! 😀 ). I came here to have fun because creativity is fun for me and to earn yet there are people who will spoil that so my experience here unfotrunately became VERY Negative… Another problem is the site itself so it all became quite upsetting so, sorry, I can’t share many positive things about it anymore…

        • You try doing things your way but then there is always someone and it’s usually the same “someone” who starts criticizing you for the things they mind you even though those things have nothing to do with them, and I wouldn’t even mind it that much if they were not coming from the same person over and over again, the person who blocked me, “begs” to be left alone, but feel so free to constantly picking on me… So I should just sit and take it all constantly……….?

          • (I’m writing this because I see there is so much criticism on the conflicts, now everyone wants to criticize so I feel like I have to defend myself but I would really like to see them all in my “shoes”, I would really like to see how they would all take it all for that long….. 😐 )

          • It’s a tough situation indeed. Try not to take everything personally, not everyone is talking about the conflict between you two, and defending yourself where the topic has nothing to do with it could make things worse. This is just my opinion.

          • I think I’m commenting only where that’s the topic… Currently there are like at least 5 posts that I know of that were made the same day in the midst of that situation so I doubt they were provoked by anything else… The problem is they say they are writing “generally”………. I am not a fool but I’m trying to stay out of it as much as I can… But I certainly can not not say anything as i don’t understand anyone’s interest in something that has nothing to do with them…

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