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Two Generations

Two generations in one photo.

I took this photo in Pomorie, Bulgaria. We saw a whole family of swans: a mother, a father and three little swans. You can read more and see some more photos in my post Ugly Ducklings – A Swan Family In Pomorie.

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  1. I find swans to be very elegant and grand looking birds. We also have swans nesting and settling near the Ottawa River but I think they are put in some type of shelter for the winter by the city of Ottawa. I am not sure though. I will have to post one of my pictures to rival yours. We have a couple of male and female ducks that land every spring near the pond in our back yard. They even knock on the back door in order to get some bread from us. Precious, he!

    • Sounds wonderful, I’d love to see your photos! Probably they are taken better care there! Sometimes, I’m worried that kids or tourists can harm the swans here.

      • It is funny you should mention “harming the swans” because several years back some youngsters were caught doing exactly that by throwing rocks at the swans. What possessed them, I do not know but I would have gone out of skin if I had witnessed it and I am sure that I would have done the same to the kids. Nobody should harm an animal especially beautiful ones like swans. Just to let you know, my sister and I do feed the ducks and watch out for them especially against predators like the stray cats that are roaming around the condo complex and last year they had nine ducklings following mama proudly. It was so cute to see.

        • It’s a pity that young people have so much aggression in themselves to even think of hurting innocent creatures! The little ducklings must have been really cute though, it’s great that you do this for the birds in your area!