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Gunman ~ Wacky Wednesday

For an unknown reason, Black has lately been acting weird. I don’t see that he feels scared or insecure, but he insists on always sleeping with the weapon nearby, or if necessary sleep upon it.

I don’t know whether he is worried about something, or just because he often watches action films with me so he acts like a gunman, or a detective, which obviously he will be able to sleep well if the weapon is nearby, even though he knows that it is just a lighter.

I am sure you know that I am a serious person, as well as this writing, especially considering that this is Wacky Wednesday.

  • Can a cat feel that his life is threatened?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Your cat has a very curious habit!!! Read all the comments to your post and agree with those who think that Black likes the texture or feels the comfort of a metal object. Also have such a version: this thing has a smell of something that your cat likes – for example, the smell of his master’s hands or maybe a light smell of gaz in the case of small leak in the balloon of your lighter. You may not feel this smell cause cats have a more acute sense of smell than humans.

  2. It is interesting to study out pet’s behavior. I believe your cat could be feeling insecure due to the movies you have been watching. Maybe start watching cooking shows, and he may ease up lol. Just start watching less threatening shows, and see how his behavior is then.

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