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Droni – unmanned devices that change lives

Droids are nowadays best known for using them on war fights, but the future of unmanned vessels is much more diverse. There are more and more companies that produce and use it to help, for example, to save people, or to capture magnificent aerial photographs. For example, drowns can contribute significantly to rescue operations in areas affected by such and other disasters. They can fly over the scene of an earthquake, a nuclear accident or an explosion, and capture high-resolution photos or clips that help rescue teams to organize a rescue operation. Droni, such as the Trimble UX5, can be of great help, as the 2.4-gigahert modems in the vessel and on the board can communicate at a distance of more than five kilometers, and thus take care of recording in cases where the flight for a pilot in the vessel can be life-threatening.

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    • Thanks for viewing and friendly comment, dear friend….here in the vicinity of airports we are banned … now you are thinking that you will have to pass some sort of drone test

  1. I remember him in the ugly scene. The Albanians hung their flag into letting him fly over the field. In the football match Serbia-Albania.
    Then one of our players grabbed the flag and broke the flag. There was a bite. The game ended the match.
    We lost the green table from UEFA 0: 3
    I think it is used mostly for spying and weather purposes.
    But our photographers also make weddings.

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