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Dinner is done when you get home, but nobody is cooking!

Would you set up tomorrow’s dinner the day before? I have been watching the expanding world of the Suvie’s; this is a box that sits on your kitchen counter. You can make all in one dish, or make dishes with different components — vegetables in one tray, meat in another tray and potatoes or something else in a third tray. You can even have more things for dinner overall than three. That is just my example.  The first thing or consideration do you have counter space in your kitchen — the Suvie unit both a refrigerator and an oven. You can set up the food to cook exactly the way you like it. If you prefer steamed veggies over boiled. You decrease the amount of water.

The unit is large and requires an electrical plug. I won’t include a picture of the unit, because I haven’t bought one. I am curious to find out what other people think about this. There is an amount of time I spend every single day preparing food. Some of that time is spent telling the twins what they are making that evening. Some of the time is actually cooking. I wonder if the unit would be effective. There are three varieties of this system I’ve seen advertised. They cost between 599 US and 999 US for each of the three I’ve seen. They all refrigerators so your food will not point while you are waiting for the dinner start time.  The unit wills start cooking right away.

Now the first thing is, for me, I spice food based on how I feel when I am cooking. Somedays (ok every single day of my life) according to my wife, I am garlic heavy. But there are days when I don’t use as much garlic. The survey unit starts cooking while you re working out, driving home formwork, to have a meal ready for you when you are ready for the meal. One of them will even switch from refrigerator to oven, to warmer until you get home and open the door. One of the units also has a club you can join. They will ship frozen meals to you, then you simply pop them into your unit and have whatever meal you selected when you get home.

Would you use something like this? It can make one, two or more meals. (up to 6 for the larger one).

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  1. I think it is a thing of the future.. If they want me to test it out I would gladly… I do however love tbe crock pot/slow cooker and surprisingly use it more here.. It doesn’t heat the kitchen… It is an interesting concept though to high tec for me and I doubt if something I would use all the time… Thank you for sharing,,​Scott “?

  2. I probably wouldn’t use something like this. I’m just not that organized. I had a friend who used prepared all of her meals for the next week on a Saturday, put them in the refrigerator and LABEL THEM!! Like I said … I’m just not that organized. LOL.


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