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Clouds ~ Sky Sunday

Sharing a photo of the dark clouds taken from my deck with today’s Sky Sunday challenge. We have had lots of summertime thunderstorms lately. Looks like today will be no different. And the temperatures are so hot and muggy.

Ready for the cooler weather for sure. But I try to take a day at a time. Every day we can find something to be thankful for. Today I am thankful for being able to walk out to my deck and take photos. Many cannot do this. Those little things are often taken for granted in life.


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Written by Carol DM


    • There you are Bradley, so nice to see you. I have made it my life mission to try and help and inspire others. Thank you for noticing.

  1. the sky parted for the arrival of the sun king.

    sorry, not sure why that was the line that came to me seeing your picture. There is happiness and joy in those that journey with us. There is happiness and joy for those that are no longer walking with us.

    It is the journey!

    • I think this unsettled weather is all over the world. I hope you are safe. We have had trees down around us but nothing in our yard thankfully.