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Border ~ Thursday Reflections

A mirror is the best symbol of a border between the realm of meaning and the realm of existence. Realm of meaning is the mystical and inscrutable realm, nature without borders while the realm of existence is an outward nature with various border, limits, and limitations.

On the border area, if we notice both, both the left and the right both look similar. Both are like being there similar together, only that if on the one hand, we can touch or sensing physically while on the other hand, the physical and everything that follows the paradigm does not apply. Realm of meaning cannot be touched by hands, reason, all rules, and laws that apply in the physical world.

Every day, especially at the end of the day, we always enter the border area, namely when we enter silence to fall asleep or when we enter peaceful silence through deep solemn prayer, meditation or whatever the terms and ways. The difference is that approaching or entering the border with sleep has almost given no effect on life in the physical world because we are unconscious and will not remember in that area while approaching or entering it through prayer or meditation will show clearly the reflections of the two realms and understanding. At that border, we will know which is actually the result of reflection and which are the object that is reflected.

In the realm of limitations, we are merely a fish that can see everything around us except water. Have you ever been curious about how our vision in the realm of meaning?

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  1. I have had dreams that saved my life. One as I think you know was when my late husband was killed from a motorcycle wreck. I dreamt I was spinning on the ground but it looked all foggy. I chose not to go on the poker run with him. I feel the dream was a message not go along on the poker run. I think sense I have a sensitive spirit I can tune into messages like this.

  2. Beautiful picture! I have been through a state of deep prayer and sleep and have had some revelations , but I have not been too sure of sharing them with anyone. I have written them down though, parts of them have come to pass.


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