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Blue Drops ~ Themes by the Month

Apologizing to Kim for not participating in her November challenge. And for those of you interested, you can find Kim’s link here for November: Wet for November Themes by the Month

Can you guess what this photo is I am sharing? I will provide you with choices, and just for fun, try to guess. I will give the answer later.

Photo Β©CarolDM

  • Care to guess what the photo is I am sharing?

    • Wet Mouse Pad
    • Wet Car
    • Wet Flower Container
    • Wet Shoes
    • Wet Rain Coat
    • Wet Shower Curtain


What do you think?

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Written by Carol DM


  1. The clue is in the drop reflections. This is a parked car. I see a tree with a street light in the drops. You don’t have a street light out back, and I don’t remember any of your pots being blue.