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Wacky Wednesday – wandering cat

Yesterday was a day of rare humidity and coolness, the rain ruthlessly whipped by wet gusts boldest single persons, wandering in the streets that turned into streams.

And then, at the door of my home,  appeared she! Mewled to me and moved to my home through my legs, started walking there like in her own, leaving a wet trace. When the rain stopped, I opened a door that she could leave my home – no chance.

Then I went out, and the cat got curious – she followed me out to the weak sun’s rays. Fortunately, we all know that this “aristocrat” is the cat of the whole street, living with one elderly madam, but sniffing everywhere where only her curious head wants.

So she needed shelter for a short time, from the rain. Like all of us, we sometimes need a friendly door and shelter, at least for a moment.

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  1. Lovely cat! Cats unfortunately kill our NZ native birds but I cant help but like them
    I don’t own a cat but several cats in our neighbourhood seem to own me.

    One comes on my back porch and I waved my hand in front of him and said”You shall not kill birds!” I am not sure that worked but I like to try.

  2. Cats are clever animals. It has been known for several people in the same street to believe that they own a cat and for it to turn out that it is the same cat, getting multiple meals!


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