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As Long As There's ~ Sky Sunday

Hi all…

I miss you!

Let me just say hello, with the few minutes I have.

Well, I have not been able to return to the way it was, but while there is little time, let this be a sign of my longing.

You know, a drama of life sometimes creates various situations that only require all the time, thought and energy to be spent in it, but as long as there’s the sky above, there is nothing need to worry too much, right?

See you again in a more pleasant situation.

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    • Some big shots have dropped me, again and again, but all the words we have exchanged here have always managed to make me stand up. Maybe not upright yet, but I got up.

      At times like this, your offer to help is very moving and I’m grateful, but I don’t even know how to ask for help.


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