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Appreciate silence

I love harmony. When life offers loneliness – I accept it, when sadness and pain – I tame it, and when a large group of friends and relatives – I appreciate and accept it as a gift from God.

There are moments in life when silence – peace, and loneliness – are all you want at that moment. But only after a long period of noise, you appreciate it.

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  • How often you need silence?

    • Often
    • Rarely
    • It depends on my mood


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  1. It depends on the noise. Some can be pleasant. ?
    Some people seem to be scared of silence, loneliness is seen as something negative while I think of it as an empty canvas that waits to be painted with thoughts and ideas. ?
    I’m almost addicted to it.

  2. I appreciate and enjoy silence more in these recent few years, especially after I became a mom. I used to listen to music when I was studying and working, now I just enjoy the silence. 🙂